Prop Rentals

Black leather barstools (with back), $10/week (2 available)
Black bar stools, $10/week (3 available)

Blonde wooden armchairs, $15/week

Kitchen chairs w/ red fabric back, $10/week (4 available)

Round-back Victorian chair, $25/week (2 available Cream side chair, $15/week)

Stone garden benches, $20/week (2 available)

Chaise lounge, $75/week

Ice box, $75/week

Writing desk w/ optional glass top, $15/week

Backdrop 18'H x 30'W, $200/week

Eastlake settee set, $125/week all 4 pieces $25/week chairs (2 available), half settee $40/week, settee $50/week

Elephant heads, $15/week (2 available)

Giraffe heads, $15/week (2 available)

Ostriches marionettes, $10/week (2 available)

Birds, $5/week (3 available)

Birds, $5/week (3 available)

Underwater Puppets - package, $100/week

Black light fish stick puppets, $10/week (9 available)

Blacklight starfish stick puppets, $5/week (4 available)

Blacklight clams hand puppets, $5/week (6 available)


Blacklight hands, $10/week (2 pairs available)

Cleopatra wigs, $5/week (14 pairs available

White ostrich feather fans, $7.50/week (14 available)

Levitation trick, $75/week

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