Theatrical Supplies NH: Be Equipped for the Summer Season

Summer is an important season for theatre companies. Summerstock is a long-held theatrical tradition, and many audiences look forward to seeing shows at their favorite theatres every year. Because summer shows are so important to a theatre company’s season, you want to give your audience the best shows you can. And as important as it is to have talented people, they need the right equipment to showcase their best work. At APS Lighting, we’re here to help you stock up on all the equipment and theatrical supplies in NH that you need.


Let’s go beyond the basics and look at some of the equipment and theatrical supplies in NH that you should have for your summer season.



Many shows in a summer season are musicals. They’re fun, audiences like them, and they sell a lot of tickets. If your season includes any musicals, you want to make sure you have good microphones, and enough of them. In most theatre spaces, it is nearly impossible for a singer to be heard over a live band without a mic. So you’ll need good mics, especially for your leads, and enough units to mic your whole cast, plus a few extras just in case.


Atmospheric and Special Effects

Lighting designers love haze. It lets them show off their designs and lets them use different effects. Fog machines also help establish an atmosphere for both the actors and the audience. Having reliable fog machines and hazers that will work the way you expect is essential to create the atmosphere you intend and ensure the safety of your performers.


Streaming Equipment

You might be surprised to see streaming equipment on this list. But many theatres are adding to their stock of equipment. When audience numbers were limited, theatres still wanted as many people as possible to see their performances. The solution was to livestream their shows. Even after restrictions on audience numbers went away, the demand for streamed shows remained. Many theatres still offer tickets to stream a show for people who can’t attend in person.


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Theatrical Supplies NH | APS Lighting

No matter what kind of theatrical supplies in NH you need, you can find them at APS Lighting. We have everything from tape to lighting instruments, plus so much more.


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