Event Production NH: Choosing the Right Mics

Different events call for different sound equipment. While we spend plenty of time thinking about speakers, we can’t forget about the microphones. After all, a great speaker setup will only get you so far if you don’t have good microphones picking up the sound. So when it comes to event production in NH, how do you know what kind of microphones you need?


If you’re involved in event production in NH, you know the importance of using the right microphone. Here is a guide to some of the common types of mics and when to use them.


Directional Microphones

Microphones pick up sound, but often you don’t want the mic to pick up all the sounds. Especially when you are in a space with poor acoustics or a lot of echoes, you need a mic that will only pick up sound coming from one place. In those circumstances, a directional microphone is the best choice. Microphones have a pickup pattern, which is the angle from which the sound arrives at the microphone. When you want to limit the angles that send sound into the mic, a directional microphone will only pick up the sound from one direction. Because it has a limited pickup pattern, it will grab the speaker’s voice and not the background noise.



If you need the microphone to move, but the speaker needs their hands, a lavalier microphone is the way to go. Often people giving interviews will wear a lavalier mic so that they have the freedom to move around a gesture while they speak. Lavaliers also help eliminate cross-talk, which is when people speak over each other. When each speaker has their own microphone, you can isolate their audio.


Handheld Mics

No matter what your event is, it’s always a good idea to have a handheld mic on hand as a backup. If the battery in the lavalier goes out or you need to bring an unexpected guest on stage, you want to have a mic to hand to whoever needs it. Handheld mics are also easy to hand off to a new speaker. If you need a mic that is easily passed between people, a handheld is the simplest option.


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