Dazzle Your Audiences with Your Holiday Shows

Attending holiday shows is a tradition for many families. Going out to a show is often something people can only afford or carve the time out to do once a year. And because the shows that go up during the holidays are so beloved, audiences flock to them year after year. As holiday shows are such an important part of any theatre season, you want to make sure you deliver a show that your audience will love. There are many elements that go into putting on a great show, but a huge part is the lights. And when it comes to theatrical lighting in NH, your go-to source is APS Lighting.

Looking to up your lighting game? Here are four lighting techniques to dazzle your audience.


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Playing with light and shadow to create effects is one of the most common lighting techniques. There are circumstances during a show when it is down to the lighting designer to tell us where we are. Using a gobo inside an ellipsoidal instrument is a simple and effective way to change what the stage looks like. A designer can create the illusion of moonlight coming through the trees or sunlight through a window with the right gobo and color gel.



Technology is influencing all of the performing arts, including live theatre. Moving lighting instruments have given lighting designers the freedom to create special lighting areas without having to hang a different instrument for every spot. Designers also use movers to add dynamic motion to scenes and numbers.



Even if you’ve only worked in theatre for a short time, you know lighting designers love their haze. Hazers create a non-toxic cloud that designers can send the light through to make the effects easier to see. Haze is especially effective when using movers or lasers.



Some people debate whether projections belong to lighting or set design, but projections need light to work, so we’re putting it with lighting. Whether you project onto a cyc on just on the set, projections can add a layer to a scene and change the look and feel. For example, you can create the illusion of falling snow by projecting a looped video onto the stage.


lighting nh

For the best NH lighting equipment, come to APS Lighting. Contact us for assistance in selecting the right equipment for your theatre. You can also view our inventory online!

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