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Sound design is an essential component of any production, whether it’s a concert, musical, or straight play. Every show will have its own demands in terms of sound design, but your theatre can usually only have the one sound system. Setting up your sound system so that it sounds great for every show can be a challenging task. Luckily, you have the resource of APS Lighting. Our team can tell you everything you need to know about theatrical sound systems in NH.


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What is sound design?

Before we get into the equipment, let’s start with the ideas. If you’re not a sound designer or engineer, you might not know much about what’s involved in sound design. Sound design is more than just creating the mix and setting levels. That is important because the audience needs to hear the performers, first and foremost. But sound design is much more than that. Sound design tells a story through audio, whether your show involves music or not. To that end, your sound equipment needs to be optimally set up to tell the story your sound designer has crafted.

Here are some of the basics of choosing and setting up theatrical sound systems in NH.


Tailor your system to your shows.

Theatres in NH do all kinds of shows. But many venues and companies have shows that they do more often than others either because the company excels at them or because they are popular with audiences. Whatever the reason, you want them to sound great. You probably won’t be able to swap out your speakers from show to show, so prioritize the shows you do the most often. Also, think about what’s making the sound. You’ll have live singers, but do you have a band? Canned music is nobody’s first choice, but sometimes it’s your only option. A good sound system can still make it sound great.


Think about your space.

Although it’s true of many things, “less is more” is especially true when it comes to sound systems. Your audience needs to hear, but you don’t want to deafen them. You also need to ensure that they can hear both the music and the dialogue. Your songs may be mixed beautifully, but if no one can hear the scenes in between, they’re missing half the show.


Sound Systems in NH from APS Lighting

Whether you need new speakers, a new board, or just a fresh set of microphones, APS Lighting is the place to go for theatrical sound systems in NH. Our team brings their expertise and experience to every client, so you get exactly what you need.


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