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Summer shows make up a huge part of any theatre’s schedule. If your theatre is just wrapping up summer stock or its slate of summer shows, you’re probably running low on some supplies. And you don’t want to get caught out when you’re preparing or—heaven forfend—performing your all-important holiday shows. When you need theatrical supplies in NH, APS Lighting has you covered. We carry everything you need from tie line to lighting fixtures.

Here are some of the basic supplies that your theatre might need to restock after a full schedule of summer shows.


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Tape and Tie Line

You probably guessed that you went through a lot of tape, but it always comes as a surprise just how much. If you’ve done a lot of shows with complicated scene changes, you’re probably running low on spike. Did you have multiple rehearsal rooms running at once? Your stage managers used even more to tape out those floor plans, too. And we haven’t even talked about gaff. From fixing props to taping down cables, you’re using gaff tape left and right. And don’t forget the tie line! You can’t have cables from your lighting instruments and sound instruments hanging down and obscuring the view of the stage.



Everyone in theatre has had the frustration of trying to solve the mystery of the broken light or speaker only to discover that the cable is bad. Swap it out for a fresh cable and voila! Problem solved. As careful as you and your crew are with your cables, they still wear out eventually. To keep from losing a light or a speaker in the middle of a show, test out your cables and replace any that don’t work anymore.


Lamps and Gels

Did you have a lighting designer that was a huge fan of Surprise Pink and now you’re out of gel? Or did you have to cut your last Golden Amber to fit into a gobo? Even though LEDs are taking over many lighting plots, most theatres still have plenty of incandescent instruments that they need to color with gels. After a busy summer season is the time to flick through that file cabinet full of gel sheets (you know the one, every theatre has it) and replace the colors you use the most and are running out of. And while you’re at it, make sure you have replacement lamps for all your fixtures so you’re not left in the dark when one blows.


Theatrical Supplies in NH from APS Lighting

When you need to restock all the supplies you blew through this summer, APS Lighting is the place to go. And we have much more than the few essentials we touched on here. Need glow tape or an extra Littlelite for the booth or backstage station? Or maybe you used your projector a lot this season and you think you need a better one. APS Lighting has you covered. Make us your one-stop shop for theatrical supplies in NH.


Contact APS Lighting for all the theatrical supplies in NH you need or check out our inventory online.

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