Event Planning vs. Event Production

The process of putting up a production or coordinating an event can be much more complicated than people realize. People sometimes think of event production and event planning as the same thing, but there are some key differences. APS Lighting has been providing equipment for event production in NH for years, so we know a thing or two about this stuff. Whether you’re having an intimate wedding or putting on a large theatre production, careful planning is essential for it to go off smoothly. But how do you know if you need event planning or event production?

Use this guide to figure out if your upcoming event needs event planning or event production in NH.


Before the Event

This is when the differences between event planning and production are most pronounced. When you think of an event planner, you probably imagine someone with a clipboard at a wedding. They are also often called “event coordinators” because that is what they do. An event planner’s job is to make the client’s vision happen while staying within the budget by hiring services like caterers and DJs. An event producer’s job is a bit more involved. They are like event planners with a creative vision. An event producer needs not only event management skills but also technical know-how, ranging from rigging and lighting to speakers and mics. And they need access to an exhaustive supply of gaff tape.


During the Event

Depending on the size and type of the event, the job of an event planner and event producer can look much the same once the show is underway. In other cases, the jobs can look very different. If it is a musical or theatrical production, an event producer will be heavily involved in the pre-show prep. But once the show begins, they will stand back and let the artists and technicians do their jobs, usually standing by in the case of an emergency. If the event is a wedding, party, or corporate event, an event producer will fall into event coordinator mode. They will be at the ready to make sure everything happens when it needs to.

Event Production in NH with APS Lighting

At APS Lighting, we know what goes into putting on an event, and we have the equipment so that you can make it happen. We also offer production workshops so that you or your students can learn everything you need to know about event production in NH.


Contact APS Lighting today for all the equipment you need for your event or theatrical production.

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