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Wedding season is coming up. If you’re planning a wedding this year, you’re thinking about what you can do to make your special day perfect. You’ve already meticulously picked out everything from flowers to tablecloths. Because you’ve gone through all that effort, you want everything to look exactly as you imagined it. That’s where APS Lighting comes in with lighting in NH. The right lighting can transform a space and bump your wedding from beautiful to magical.

Here are some ideas to light up your wedding venue.


Change the color, set the mood.

The color of light can change the feel of a room. Warm yellows and reds set a different mood than cool purples and blues. An event like a wedding changes tone as it progresses. Dinner and speeches have a different mood from dancing. And you don’t want all the dancing to have the same mood, either. Your first dance is not supposed to set the same tone as the party later in the evening when everyone is on the dance floor.

The perfect way to transform your venue is with the lighting. LED lights can project multiple colors and can be programmed to change colors. During dinner, you want the lights to be warmer and brighter so that people can see and speak to each other. Once the dancing has started, you typically want to switch to cooler colors. Lights with moving heads are also a fun addition to the party atmosphere.


Direct focus.

Lighting is magical not just because it can set a tone but also because it can tell you where to look without you noticing. Movies and theatre productions do this all the time. Your eyes are drawn to the brightest area. The most obvious use of this trick is a spotlight on a dark stage. A subtler way to direct focus with light is to make one area slightly brighter than the surrounding scene. You can do this in your wedding venue, too. If there’s something you want your guests to see without being obvious, light that area a little brighter. Whether it’s the cake, a flower arrangement, or the top table, slightly brighter lighting in that area will make people look at it without letting them know that’s what you’re doing.


lighting nh

Lighting NH from APS

Whether you’re looking to set the mood or draw the eye, APS can do it with the ultimate selection of lighting sales and installation help. Our lighting experts will work with you to make your wedding look like the perfect magical day it should be.


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