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sound systems nh

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, planning a wedding, or throwing a party, you want it to sound great. No one wants to be responsible for an event where no one could hear the speaker or a party where no one could have a conversation because the music was too loud. Luckily, APS Lighting doesn’t just do lighting, we do sound, too! When you need sound systems in NH, come to APS. We’ll get you set up and sounding great in no time. Here are a few ways a professional sound system can improve your events.


Custom sound for your space

Every event space is different. Setting up a sound system is not as simple as spacing out some speakers and calling it good. Theatres, rooms, and event halls all have unique acoustics that affects how sound travels through the space. Take an event like a wedding where people will be sitting around the room chatting. You need the sound system to be set up so that music and speeches can be heard throughout the room but don’t overwhelm the space. None of your guests wants to get stuck at that table right next to a speaker where they can’t hear themselves think, let alone the conversation at the table.

In addition to the spacing of the speakers, angles are important, too. A room with vaulted ceilings, for example, will have echoes, and if a speaker is pointed in the wrong direction, the sound will bounce all over the place. Echoes can ruin the sound of your playlist and can make speeches unintelligible.


Mix it just right

When you are focused on getting the sound just right, you want it to sound right everywhere in the space. Sure, your brother-in-law might have some experience setting up a sound system, but nothing compares to the experience of a professional sound engineer. A sound engineer can mix the sound perfectly for your event space. When you need different levels for speeches, music during dinner, and music for the dance floor, your sound engineer has you covered. Having an experienced sound engineer on hand is also fantastic when troubleshooting the equipment. You don’t expect the mic to go out mid-speech, but you want to be ready if it does!

sound systems nh

Sound Systems NH: APS has the solutions.

When you need sound systems in NH for your next event, come to APS! We will get you the best equipment and setup for your next event. Your event will sound great and go off without a hitch with the experts at APS.


Contact APS Ligting for sound systems NH! Contact us at 800.387.0005 or visit our website for more information on all our services.

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