Starting a Podcast? Here’s Some Equipment You May Need.

Finally taking the leap of faith and starting that podcast you’ve been dreaming about? Well, congratulations! Talking about topics and ideas that you love is a great way to express yourself and meet new people interested in the same things! Top-quality equipment and sound systems in NH from APS Lighting will help your podcast sound great. While not necessary, choosing the best equipment can help the production quality of your podcast reach its full potential.


Have a Plan.


Starting a podcast can be pretty straightforward. All you need is a microphone, headphones, editing software, and a platform for publishing. But, jumping into the podcast without a plan can make things more difficult for you. First, you want to make sure you can produce enough content for the length of your podcast series. Then, to keep a dedicated audience, it’s best to pick a niche you enjoy and create a loyal fanbase over time. Now, let’s jump into the equipment and sound system pieces you might want to invest in!


A Good Microphone.


Of all of the equipment you need to start a podcast, a good quality microphone is the best thing to invest in. It’s the only piece of technology that you do not want to cut corners on the cost. Most listeners can get past editing quirks as you learn and improve, but low-quality sound is a no-go for most. 


Furthermore, it’s better to avoid microphones that are built into computers or a headset. These microphones do not produce good-sounding recordings. So, a dedicated external microphone is the best option! For comfort and ease of use, considering investing in a boom arm and pop filter. The boom arm will keep the microphone comfortably in speaking range without having to hold it. Plus, the pop filter will keep b’s and p’s from being too loud as your speak.


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A nice set of headphones are next on our list. Why? It’ll help with editing or interviews! This way, you can comfortably hear your voice while editing the podcast and also have a way to communicate with others if you have a co-host. While a regular pair of earbuds will do the job, over-the-ear headphones provide an extra level of sound quality that will help you in the long run!


Equipment and Sound Systems in NH


Next time you require professional-level equipment and sound systems in NH, stop by APS Lighting! We are your one-stop-shop for production, event, and equipment needs. Plus, if you need expert production service, we can handle that too! For more information, call APS Lighting at (603) 424-9198.


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