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Planning a life-changing event and want to bring it to the next level? Not sure where to begin when it comes to designing event lighting or sound? APS Lighting has your back! We have the gear to amp up your sound and visual quality for all events. We have a large inventory of the newest products to need your standards. Here are a few ways we can make your event be one to remember.

Lighting can help the atmosphere.

Here at APS, we understand how important good lighting is for captivating your audience. By preparing a custom lighting design, you can evoke feelings based on color! Or, you can use lighting to decorate your events and emphasize your brand. Three basic types of lighting can affect experiences: ambient, task, and accent lighting. APS can create an engaging experience and atmosphere with these! Event production in NH doesn’t have to be complicated. APS is ready to help design and set the mood of your event from start to finish.

Give scenic design a try!

Are you planning an event that needs more than just great lighting? Looking for elements that can put your event-goers in the middle of a visually striking scene? There are five elements that make a scenic design in event production pop: lines and contour, shape, color, texture, and space! Instead of worrying about these elements on your own, leave them to the professionals! APS offers complete designs for all scenic details your production needs. We will help you draft the plan, set up the construction, and painting all of the elements.

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Design can impact your event production in NH.

During an event, you want the space to be used creatively and effectively. Designing a lighting or scenic setting is a way to transform the event area into something spectacular. With a distinguished reputation based on their dedication to event production in NH, attention to detail, and desire to make your event unforgettable, APS Lighting NH is there for you.

For more information, visit our website or call us at (603) 424-9198. If you’d like to visit our showroom, we are located conveniently at 901 Columbia Circle in Merrimack, NH.


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