Wedding Season Is Coming. Are You Ready?

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While the 2021 wedding season should be nothing like the previous year, many couples are still modifying their plans. Whether the changes involve smaller, more intimate crowds or less formal backyard gatherings, one element remains consistent. What, you may be wondering? The sound, of course! With NH sound system rentals from APS Lighting, you can have confidence that no matter where the day takes you, it will sound amazing.



The ceremony.

When most people think of a sound system rental in NH, their thoughts go to the reception. However, the ceremony is not an event to be missed! Often, especially in outdoor ceremonies, the guests seated in the back miss out. Without surrounding walls, voices easily get lost or sound muffled. Having a sound system set up for the ceremony, as well as the reception, ensures that everyone hears those words they came to hear, “I do.”



The reception.

Again, the reception begins as an intimate gathering of words. First, the bridal party and Mr. & Mrs. are introduced. Then, members of the bridal party speak thoughtful words and memories, wishing the couple the best. Another event that should not be missed by inadequate sound systems! Even the simplest speakers and microphones can ensure that all of your guests hear each and every spoken word.

Then, of course, there is the matter of music. Once the formalities are finished, the fun begins! This is where your sound system can be heard to the best of its ability. Below are a few items to consider when selecting the right sound system for your wedding.


  • Loudspeakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Amplifier
  • Wired and/or cordless microphones
  • Portable, adjustable speaker stands/poles
  • Computer and small audio mixer



Making the playlist.

If your renting a sound system, you may (or may not) be hiring a DJ. If you are, chances are they’ll have their own equipment. So, that leads us to the task of creating a playlist for your ceremony and reception.

No matter what genre of music you decide on, start with a list and consider the crowd. The tone between the ceremony, dinner, and celebration should all be different.


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If you’re in the market for a sound system rental in NH, APS Lighting has you covered. For more information, contact our team of professionals by calling (800) 387.0005.

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