NH Lighting: An Article Dedicated to the Lingo

NH Lighting has the power to transform a venue, create a mood, highlight the beautiful, and bring focus to the important. Flip through a magazine or a blog that caters to platinum wedding crowds, and you are sure to see awe-inspiring lighting. At one point, this kind of event planning might have been unobtainable for most people, but now, theatrical lighting can enhance any event while accommodating almost any budget.

However, whether renting lighting equipment or working closely with a designer, understanding the language of lighting is a must. In this article, we’re looking at a few of the most common terms and providing an easy to understand meaning!


Accent Lighting

Designed to illuminate a specific feature or area, accent lighting is created with color and intensity.



The process of illuminating a subject from behind.


Beam Angle

A cone-shaped beam of light with 50% maximum intensity.


Color Wash

A blanket wash of customizable color that covers an entire area.


Cross Fade

A relatively slow change from one control center setting to another.


Cross Lighting

The illumination of a single subject through two opposite sources on opposite sides.


Flood Lighting

A light used to create direct lighting on a large area of space.


Gobo Projections

Templets slotted in front of a light source to create interesting patterns, messages, and monograms.


Key Light

The primary source of lighting that creates the overall atmosphere and mood of the scene.


Pin Spot

A fixture that provides a focused beam of light to illuminate an object such as a wedding cake or centerpiece.


Station Accent

Offering a discrete lighting solution, station accents are a way to create function in otherwise dark areas (food stations, registration tables, etc.).



When fixtures are placed on the floor, shooting lighting up, onto a wall.



While the list of NH lighting terms is much more extensive, this abbreviated list provides you a good basis! Remember, when it comes to even lighting effects, the possibilities are as endless and exciting as your imagination.

For more information, contact the experts at APS Lighting and Sound. For decades, we’ve helped people bring their event or production to new heights with the ultimate lighting effects. Feeling intimidated? We got you!

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