A New Spin on Event Production: Streaming and Podcasting

While the country continues the ebb and flow of the pandemic, many have opened new doors to their career. Forced to creatively think outside of the box in order to survive, live streaming and podcasting have become the new future. However, like with event production, these new methods require superior sound, lighting, and broadcasting equipment.



As the primary piece of equipment used, investing in a reliable microphone is a must. Whether you’re streaming videos or a podcast, a microphone is one of the most common universal elements with any event production. When searching through the endless options available, be sure to research sensitivity, frequency response, and additional features such as headphone outputs and a broadcast arm.



Like the microphone, a camera is a must-have if you’re involved with video streaming. However, you’ll again be facing a myriad of options. Depending on your level of comfort and range of audience, the requirements of your camera can change significantly. For the sake of starting out, it’s best to choose a camera that provides auto-focus features with full HD video recording. Another excellent feature is an automatic light correction design.


Light Ring

Having control over your lighting helps to ensure a flawless presentation. Light rings are an excellent addition to streaming when focusing on one subject. The ring projects diffused, even lighting onto the subject eliminating harsh facial shadows and blemishes while enhancing the eyes.



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If you’re jumping into event production by means of video streaming or podcasts, it’s imperative to have the primary equipment. At APS Lighting-Sound-AV, we understand how overwhelming the beginning stages may seem. Because of our commitment to our customers, we’re proud to offer solutions like the Marantz Pro Video and Audio Broadcasting Turret.


The Turret delivers a unique, easy-to-use solution for users needing a complete high-performance equipment system. With full HD shooting designed with auto-focus, a high-quality USB condenser microphone, onboard headphone amplifier, and LED light ring all combined onto a single tower, your goals have never been easier to achieve.


For more information, contact our experts today at (800) 837-0005. APS Lighting has proudly served Southern NH for decades by providing superior solutions for all levels of event production.


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