How APS Lighting NH Can Help You Through the Pandemic

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A decade ago, webcams and quality microphones were things that most people didn’t relate to. Theses items seemed futuristic and a necessity for only those referred to as techy. However, like millions of Americans, APS Lighting NH is now understanding the importance of these tools.

From digital conferencing to remote learning, the need for quality streaming materials is no longer a need, but a necessity. Below is a statement issued by the dedicated owner and operator of APS Lighting-Sound-AV:



“The coronavirus pandemic has forced many cultural institutions and those supporting these institutions to reorganize and reexamine their missions. With social distancing measures in place, live concerts, theatre, and dance performances have been canceled or postponed, while in-person instruction has moved entirely online.


At APS Lighting-Sound-AV, we understand this new dynamic and have tuned our company to respond to this unexpected wave of online activity. We offer a wide selection of streaming gear and technology that will enhance most any virtual performance, seminar, or meeting.


This is clearly an enormously challenging time, and APS is here to help you harness the potential that technology offers.”



Because of this shift in demand for quality NH lighting, webcams, and other digital needs, our team invites you to visit our partner site APS Lighting at Here, you’ll find a vast array of supplies suitable for the novice and the experienced. From mounts for stability to lighting for clear viewing, APS Lighting has what you need.

Beyond the extensive inventory of streaming supplies, our team is dedicated to helping our customers succeed. If you’re uncertain about what you need or how to get the most out of your equipment, we’re here for you. Schedule your in-store consultation today by calling us at (603) 424-9198.


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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay connected with the best tools in the digital industry.

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