Wedding Season is Taking a New Turn in 2020


During these uncertain times, many wedding plans have been postponed or reworked. If you fall into the latter, chances are, you’re now planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and/or reception with your closest friends and family. Although this may not be the day you envisioned, as experts in NH lighting and event production, our team at APS Lighting is here to make your wedding day one to remember.



Setting the mood

Lighting can set the overall mood for any event. From paper lanterns to spotlighting the new couple, where and how you choose to display your lighting matters. For a romantic setting, consider the addition of low lights in combination with softer colors. Spotlighting your food display or other aspects of the outdoors is a great place to start.




Spotlighting the couple

If you’re planning an outdoor event, renting a tent with tables and chairs is a must. However, you may also want to consider a dance floor. Not only will a floor provide your guests with a solid underfoot surface, but it sets the scene for the perfect first dance. In addition, spotlighting your dance with lighting effects, or even a monogrammed decorative feature will add to the moment.



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Remember to make it your own

One of the biggest challenges couples will face this season is making your big day your own. Working, possibly, without the resources that you once expected to have at your disposal can make life challenging. Just remember, it’s all good! Your friends and family will be happy to celebrate with you regardless of the atmosphere, food selection, and even attire. In fact, a casual backyard barbeque made glamourous with special effects and lighting will be the wedding they speak about for years to come!



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At APS Lighting NH, we can help make your wedding day that wedding they’ll remember. Contact our team for more innovative ideas that will make your wedding one day one to remember. Be sure to check out our video online for information on setting up a portable lighting system. We promise it’s easier than you think! Call us today at (603) 424-9198.


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