4 Unique Lighting Ideas for Your NH Wedding

There’s one factor that unites all weddings, regardless of theme or religion, and that element is details. Wedding planning involves several different levels of detail. From seating arrangements to cake tasting, invitations to flowers, the details can be overwhelming. However, with the help of our team, you can make one of the most important details a breeze. As experts in NH lighting, we know the ins and outs of selecting the right type of bulbs, color enhancements, and spotlighting to enhance the overall tone of your special day.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at four unique wedding lighting ideas to spark your lighting inspirations.


Starry nights, even in the daytime

Whether indoors or out, daytime or night, hanging string lights delicately across the ceiling is the way to go. If you’re looking for romance, this effect is sure to exceed your expectations. Both universal in application and theme, guests will feel wisped away to a land of dreams.


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Spotlight on nature

Of course the newlyweds will be the highlight of the day, but sometimes spotlighting unique features of the venue can enhance the magic. For example, if you are hosting a reception in an environment with trees or statues, chances are, they are part of the overall theme. Thus, you have the perfect opportunity, for a low-cost, to enhance your aesthetic by spotlighting a feature already in place.


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Monogramming the new couple

Dancing as a married couple for the first time in front of your closet family and friends is a moment that deserves all eyes on you. Lighting is the most essential element in making sure this happens. Dimmed room, spotlit couple, and floor lighting effects are just a few must-haves. However, wow your guests by taking things a step further with a monogrammed floor!


Showcase your hard work

Centerpieces are expected, but, often, another overlooked element of the big day. If you’re planning on incorporating a centerpiece that goes beyond the expected floral arrangement, be sure to showcase it. With spotlighting, and perhaps purple uplighting, you can transform a bland reception space into a wonderland.


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The possibilities are limitless when you have the proper tools and knowledge at your disposal. Make your event one that guests will remember with NH lighting from APS Lighting & Sound. For more inspiration and know-how on bringing your visions to life, contact our team today at 603-424-9198.

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