How To Set Up Your Portable Lighting System

Here at APS Lighting NH, we have the equipment and tools you need to create a striking atmosphere for your event.  However, an essential part of setting the atmosphere is having the knowledge to set up your equipment correctly. Below is an overview of the proper setup of a small DJ lighting system.


Tripod Assembly

One of the most straightforward steps is setting up the tripod.  The legs will pull apart with a gentle pull, be sure to lock the base in place.


Lighting Rig Placement

Once the tripod is opened, place the lighting rig, or bar, on the top of the tripod pole.  Again, tighten into place.


Dimmer Placement

Now that the lighting rig is secure, it’s time to add the dimmer.  Similar to the lighting bar, the dimmer will attach to the crossbar.  However, when tightening this element, be sure it’s not too tight.  Although you want a snug fit to the c-clamp, the crossbar is aluminum and can easily dent.


Attach the Safety Harness around the T-Bar


Controller Connection

Your controller is the next line.  Connected to the dimmer pack, the controller should quickly go into place with the provided 3-pin XLR cable.


Screen Display

Once connected, your LCD screen should read “A” for DMX mode.  If not, press the “mode” button until the letter appears.  Furthermore, using the down arrow, your screen should display the number “001”.  Once your screen is reading the proper setting, raise the master switch all the way to the top of the controller.  This should operate channel one, or your first lighting fixture.



The final steps are all in how you desire your atmosphere to look.  For instance, by raising the rig to your desired height, you can direct the lights to specific areas within the room.

Lastly, color gels are provided to enhance the aesthetics of your event.  Choose your colors and slide them into the front of the light.  It’s that easy!

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For more helpful information on how to make your next event shine, contact Norm St. Germain, a Lighting Specialist at APS Lighting NH.  Along with Norm, our team of experts can assist you in making your visions become a reality.  Email us today or give us a call at 800.837.0005.


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