You Can Now Get Theatrical Supplies Without Commitment

When it’s time to invest in new production equipment for your event, sticking to a budget and maintaining it is key. Even better for your morale? Saving plenty of money and not having to keep the equipment after you use it! If you’ve been looking for quality theatrical supplies in NH but need a less pricey alternative, APS Lighting has a solution for you that you’ll love.



Save Money

We offer rental on most of our equipment, which will help you in a few ways as you get your production up and running. For one, you’ll be saving plenty of money. Rental costs, by default, are considerably cheaper than buying brand new items. That extra money can go to even more supplies, food, bills, or other expenses that need it.


After you no longer need the supplies, you may find yourself stuck with them and unable to find further use for them – this is not the case with rental. Rent theatrical supplies in NH from us, and you can return them once you finish up. No commitment, no fuss.


You can also be sure that the supplies you invest time and money into will work well. Before used items even enter a store, they usually have to pass an inspection from staff to ensure they are in working order and can get passed on to the next user.


So, if you’re in need of production equipment and want to save a bit of money without a commitment, rental is the best solution! APS Lighting is proud to offer a wide variety of theatrical supplies in NH. For more information about our company and what we have to offer, give us a call at (800)-837-0005. We’re happy to help you and find the best equipment for your production at an affordable price.

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