Your Party Checklist: Are You Ready?

An event worth celebrating has occurred, you’ve gone over the guest list, and you are ironing out most of the details that determine the look and feel of your party. However, have you thought of what you could use to make your party better? We at APS can help make your party great with the following items that are essential to event production in NH.


1.) Lighting

Strong lighting can take a stoic room and make it a flash flood of color that is sure to impress your guests. Whether you are into strobe lights or want a more relaxed, subtle vibe, our lighting is sure to make your party brighter.


2.) DJ Equipment

Do you know how to make a great playlist? Perhaps you know a guest who just may be the next EDM superstar? Take a look at our DJ equipment and take your background noise from plain or nonexistent to custom-made and amplified.


3.) Special Effects

Everyone likes to add a little bit of flair every now and then. Why not bring some fun to your party with a bubble machine or confetti cannon? Special effects are exciting and will make your party one to remember!


4.) Power Sources

Of course, to keep everything running and running well, you need a strong source of power. Our array of outlets and other pieces will ensure no event production in NH falls flat or is cut short.


5.) Speakers

Unless you and your guests are fans of background noise, it’s always a good idea to get a strong speaker and turn up the noise! From full-fledged DJ equipment to simple speakers that carry sound, we have it all.

Now, are you ready to spruce up your event? For quality equipment you can trust, call APS Lighting for all of your event production in NH needs at (800)-837-0005!

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