Lighting events in an Elegant Christmas

We’ve all been to the tacky Dickensian Christmas parties with the gaudy lights, burnt out fuses and plastic abominations littering the place. We imagine Christmas to be a time of spender and imagination but all too often it dissolves into a nightmarish of garish seizure-inducing lighting. It does not have to be this way. Not by a long shot. We can offer consulting, advice, equipment rentals and everything you need to host a stellar party.

We have all manner of lighting and special effects. To find out more look at the portfolio on our webpage or contact us to help you craft the perfect look whether it be wildly theatrical, even if you’re not in the theater, or subdued and haunting. The point of lighting is that it shapes your party to the exact specifications of your imagination. Moreover, we can help you even there if you are stuck or out of ideas. We have Pars, Fresnels, Mirror Balls, fog machines, black lights, strobe lights, Gobo effects, and more. You can peruse our sales catalogue and our rental card.

The point is in the art. Setting up the lighting and sound design means being part artist and part technician. It takes more than a little skill to put all the elements together and wired with electricity, running the special effects, a thousand other tasks that need doing, but that does not make the effort any less spectacular. Lights are intimately connected to our feelings and moods and it is this that we want to focus on. Focus on that special moment unique to you and your guests and see what comes alive.

So put away the giant plastic figurines and fake whiskers. Be your most authentic selves. Ultimately, this is where the joy and spirit of Christmas lies. Let us help externalize those feelings for your best celebration of Christmas and the holidays ever.

For more information about how we can help you craft the perfect event, call us at 603-424-9198.

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