Professional Event Production Can Make Your NH Holiday Pageant Shine!

We know it feels way, way too soon, but the Holiday season is practically upon us. Next month is Thanksgiving, lighting the way to the end-of-year holidays just weeks later.

In fact, it’s this time of year when many churches and congregations in New Hampshire begin planning their end-of-year Holiday pageants, and we’re willing to bet many of you or your kids are beginning to pick costumes, find out what roles you’ll be playing, and getting ready for the big show. Maybe you are excited to play the Shepherd, or maybe you are portraying Judah and the faithful celebrating eight days of burning oil when just one day’s worth was available. But how do you know which event production company is right for you in New Hampshire?

You may have already considered the cast for your performance, but have you considered the lighting? What about the sound? Do you have the necessary equipment and technical expertise in-house to handle these important aspects of your production? Probably not-but don’t worry. We are the premier event production company in NH, and we’re here to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

The next time you enter your place of worship, take a peek around. Chances are, you’ll see a lot of burned out bulbs, dusty old cans, and plenty of shadows where there should be bright light. Perhaps you won’t see any lights but those overhead. We can help!

With our professional lighting and production design staff, we can bring your church or temple into the light in no time, for less money than you think. We have the technical expertise and production know-how to brighten the pulpit or stage-whether you want to rent equipment for the pageant or buy lights that will keep your stained-glass blazing brighter than a Yule log through the longest, darkest night.

Professional lighting isn’t just for individual performances, either-it’s a year-long necessity for your congregation. We know that professional lighting will keep people more engaged in your message, and ensures that even those who have difficulty seeing will get the clearest view of everything your services have to offer. It will keep attendees safe as they exit crowded pews, and provide a clear view of walking and parking areas outside your building. In the warmer months, outdoor lighting can keep church barbeques going safely long after the sun has set!

Whatever your need, whether for the holidays or for the new year to come, we’re here to help. Our DJ and lighting experts can make your pageant the envy of New Hampshire! Drop us a line or give us a call any time. You’ll be glad you did!

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