Creating a Horrifying Haunted House with Easy Special Effects this Halloween

While most houses are stretching out spider web and taping up wall decorations for Halloween, everyone applauds the families that strive to provide the neighborhood with the spookiest house on the block. From ten minute computerized light shows to fog machines and black lighting effects, Halloween offers one of the most enjoyable holidays for event production planning. Lighting, special effects, and sound help to build guests anticipation, setting the mood and create a memorable experience.

Fog Machines

One effect that always intensifies the spook factor is fog machines. There is something about walking through dark foggy, misty paths to your destination that sends shivers up your spine. Placing some plastic skulls, candle-lit pumpkins, or other nonflammable props. Fog machines have a tendency to get hot; ensure the flow of the fog aims in the direction of the props but not directly aimed at the props. Be sure to review safety regulations of the fog machine prior to use. If you are renting a location, and considering a fog machine for your event, also speak with the building managers to make sure there are not any unforeseen issues.

Strobe Lights

When combined with a fog machine, strobe lights help to create a sinister factor. Place under a tree with a hanging skeleton, or under a scarecrow in front of a cornfield. If you place the strobe light aiming directly into the fog machine onto a yard graveyard, the effect will create a disorientating, spooky effect for visitors winding through the path on the way to the door. With strobe lights, always be careful on where you aim the light, it is easy to become temporarily blinded if aimed directly at the guests visual path.

Black lights

Black lights are a very easy way to transform your yard of tombstones into a creepy zombie-ridden cemetery. Paint tombstone letters with glow in the dark paint and toss a while plastic skeleton that peeks from behind one and watch the landscape come to life!


Spotlights are an easy way to highlight decorations located off of the main path of the yard that need attention. Spotlighting a witch on the roof of the house, or a skeleton trying to creep out of a coffin is a fast, and simple way to distract visitors with decorations before the next spook pops out to frighten them!


Gobo lights work by casting shadows or control the shape of the light. Theater productions have been using gobos for ages to create a ghost-like eerie feeling on stages. In a theater setting, incorporating moving gobos with patterns and colors will provide the ability to create a semi-translucent, ghost.

When using a GOBO for your Halloween event, choosing a single color can help transform even the tiniest of spaces into a spine-tingling atmosphere. Selecting a custom Halloween themed gobo can project a frightening witch, scary zombie, or delightful jack o lantern across a building wall.

Whether you are decorating for trick or treaters, haunted house, or a Halloween themed party, we have all the equipment you need to create a spine-chilling, fun event experience. APS offers full service lighting and scenic design, corporate event production, and rental of entertainment industry supplies. If you are interested in learning how we can help you craft the perfect event, contact us at 603-424-9198.

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