Lighting Vocabulary

Lighting has the power to transform a venue, create a mode, highlight the beautiful, and bring focus to the important. Flip through a magazine or a blog that caters to platinum wedding crowds and you are sure to see awe-inspiring lighting. At one point, this kind of event planning might have been unobtainable for most people but now theatrical lighting can enhance any event and accommodate almost any budget.

You will want to evaluate your venue under the same optical conditions as your event for proper placement of the fixtures. Make sure people can still see each other, the tables, the dance floor, and the room without losing focus. Be sure that any service doors won’t be distracting. As always make sure you discuss with your designer your electrical requirements, especially if you have a band or DJ since they will need an isolated power source.

When talking with your designer there’s some terminology that might be helpful, especially since lighting design might be new to a lot of folks. A pin spot is a fixture that provides a focused beam of light to illuminate an object like a centerpiece or wedding cake. A station accent goes next any place that requires some discrete lighting to be functional or otherwise in the dark, like a food station or a registration table. A color wash is an entire blanket of colored light covering an area.

color wash is often customizable and your designer can offer suggestions ranging from the simple to the complex.Uplighting is when there are fixtures placed on the floor shooting light up on the wall. There are varieties of fixtures that can do this. Talk to your designer to find one right for you. Gobo projections are physical templets slotted in or in front of a light source to create an interesting pattern. You can use them to create something specific to you or your event like a monogram or message. You can use them to cast shapes for a theme or simply provide abstract eye candy. The possibilities are as endless and exciting as your imagination.

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