Fog machines FAQ

How does a fog machine work?
This is perhaps the most asked question about fog machines. A fog machine has a fluid tank, a fluid pump, and a heat exchanger. Once the heat exchanger heats up to about 400 degrees F, the fluid pump pulls fluid from the tank and squirts it onto the heat exchanger. The fluid flashes into steam expanding into the heat exchanger and escapes out a small nozzle in the front of the machine. When the vapor hits the cold air and expands into the environment, it forms a thick dense fog. Further cooling will make a low hanging fog effect for a short time.

Can we add food coloring to make the fog colorful?
No. You cannot create colorful fog. Adding chemicals to the liquid would damage the machine or create noxious or toxic odors. The only way to get colored fog is to shine colored lights on it. We can help you create a lighting scheme that will set a mood, establish ambiance, and create a memorable evening.

Can we use scented oils in our fog?
No. Early in their development, some fog machines used oil or water based fluids that smelled bad and manufactures offered perfumed oils to cover up the smell of the fog. Modern fog machines do not have problematic odors and adding perfumes are likely to antagonize your guests. Not only would some scents be offensive, they may cause headaches or migraines in some of your guests if they are sensitive to strong odors.

Will the fog trigger the smoke alarm?
Possibly. Some smoke alarms work by measuring the density of particles in the atmosphere and a fog machine may or may not interfere. You should consult with event manager about this possibility. If they do trigger alarms, there may be other options available.

When considering a fog machine for your event be sure to talk to the building managers and consult with your event planner to make sure there are not any unforeseen issues. For more information about how we can help you craft the perfect event, call us at 603-424-9198

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