Event Planning in Summer

Summer is a great time to have a wonderful event. The weather is generally great, the mood is high, and families generally have a little more time during the summer months. Still, there are some things to consider when event planning. Events during the middle of the day can be exhausting for guests, and particularly for staff. If possible, try to plan the event during the evening or morning hours, and if not, try to ensure that the bulk of the labor for the event is done during the morning hours.

If your event is outdoors during midday, it will be important to have a shade station, particularly if the event includes summer sports. Have canopies available with tons of ice and cool drinks and treats, or an air conditioned indoor area. Taking special care that everyone stays well hydrated when you are event planning is vitally important. Grandkids and Grandparents especially may become over-heated faster than they may themselves realize. A few bottles of 30+ SPF sunscreen or bug repellent might also be appreciated.

Themes can go a long way to mitigating the effects of high temperatures. Try something elegant and exotic such as an Arabian Nights-style theme, a Safari theme, or a Pirate theme. The themes that work well for hot weather and cool loose clothing will contribute a great deal to your event.

Don’t forget venders and support staff. Working in the heat for four or five hours is not easy. In addition to your guests, make sure the staff if fully hydrated. They will appreciate the minimal curtesy. While event planning, safety and comfort are pivotal are crucial to ensuring the success and enjoyment of the occasion.

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