Event Planning on Social Networks

Never underestimate the value of social media when event planning. Traditionally most events are planned and executed behind the scenes. Many, if not most people, can appreciate the difficulty and complexity of an event often through a sense of shared experience. There is also a “surprise factor” in play. It is important for some people to be able to awe their guests. However, there is tremendous value in including your guests in the planning steps. It helps build engagement in the process and in the ultimate event. People love being part of the processes. They like seeing how something magnificent is created. They enjoy the anticipation of the event and the celebration. Whether we are talking about a wedding, a birthday, a corporate conference pull people into the event planning and build that sense of anticipation.

It has never been easier to build a basic website (often free), a blog, a Facebook page, or any number of other social media outlets. Visually oriented social media sites such as Pinterest are ideal and hundreds of thousands of people planning events just like yours are already using many. It is also a great way to stay in touch with guests and be aware of any special concerns such as mobility constraints or dietary restrictions. Once your event is ongoing, it is important to brand correctly your event for social networking. The reason is that when everyone comes to your event and they start taking pictures, the hashtag is attached to the picture when it goes up on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and others. It becomes fun and easy to crowd source a great photo album. That way everyone who attends the activity can share their pictures and make them easy for others to locate. APS lighting can help you plan and execute a fun exciting event and the right social networking can help you engage your guests every step along the way. It is the perfect way of ensuring long lasting terrific memories.

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