Spring Event Planning

The forsythia bushes have been glowing neon yellow for weeks now. Tulips have finally pushed their way out of the earth to shine forth. That curious yellow ball in the sky has warmed the earth well into the 60s and, on occasion, into the 70s. This can mean one and only one thing. Spring is upon us. It is time for big event planning. Traditionally, weddings take advantage of the mild weather. School is beginning to wind down and with it dances, parties, and celebrations are beginning to loom on the horizon. Like any good party, planning is key and communication, vital.

However, there are still some things to keep in mind. Just because the weather is much milder than it was a month ago, the weather is still treacherous even in the middle of spring. Be prepared to handle a sudden spring shower. For the budget conscious, consider locally sourced wildflowers as part of your decoration scheme. Not only will that avoid a tired clich� look, but also we can further elevate the display with clever use of lighting. Talk to your event planner for the perfect combination of lights to create a dramatic spring flare. For events during the evening, wild flowers and other natural life can really pop in unexpected ways when exposed to backlights. It may be worth experimenting with a combination of natural resources with technical lighting to create the perfect space. With cool air and outdoor events becoming a possibility, now might be a great time to revisit the fog machine for a perfect blend of ambiance and sophistication.

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