Make Your Wedding Memorable With APS Lighting

Everyone who has been part of a wedding or been married knows just how important the big day is. Every detail should be satisfied, even if it seems a bit mundane. APS Lighting understands that creating a unique atmosphere for your special day is essential, and we have just the right amount of equipment at our disposal to make us one of the top spots for event production in NH.


We offer a variety of lighting services to make your wedding as colorful or expressive as you wish. In addition to standard lighting, we create digital monograms to add something extra to the dance floor. To compliment the lighting, we have props and fog machines also. Nothing sets the mood or creates ambiance like good lighting!

Event Recording

Who wouldn’t want to preserve their special day forever? APS Lighting has plenty of equipment available to record your event and deliver it to you in a simple format for you to enjoy time and time again. While our main focus is equipment rental, we do more than that to assist with event production in NH.

Equipment Rental

To bring a little life to the party, add some DJ equipment to the mix! APS Lighting is happy to provide all kinds of DJ equipment and other audio systems to add a soundtrack to your wedding. It really adds an enjoyable mood to the evening. If you are interested in renting additional speakers or sound props, that is also an option.

These are just a few of the quality resources APS Lighting has at our disposal to make your wedding a day to remember for times to come. For event production in NH, we are sure to satisfy all of your needs. To get more information about our company or our products, please give us a call at (800)-837- 0005!

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