Event Basics

The first rule of any event is don’t underestimate the amount of preparation necessary to pull of your event. Never planned a wedding? talk to a wedding planner. Not sure how to craft the perfect moment with sound and lighting? talk to the experts. We can get you started on developing an detailed plan on what it’ll take to make your dreams come true. Developing trust, and a working relationship between yourself and expert professionals is the key to a successful out come under any circumstances.

Certainly if there’s a glitch, or something doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll need expert help to troubleshoot any difficulties. You don’t even have to come with a full plan, although that certainly helps. We have an incredible amount of experience helping people under an extraordinary variety of circumstances and our expertise is at your disposal. Once you’ve talked to professionals you’ll be well on your way to developing the equipment, crew, and / or other resources needed to make your event spectacular.

Next, make sure you can access the site. You’ll need to plan to visit the event site under the different lighting conditions to establish the full effect of lighting and sound. Not to mention planning for technical details like sound, power, service access, and more. Plan in advance where your lighting will go such as avoiding windows in order to reduce glare, or highlighting gorgeous architectural features, or to make sure walkways and service corridors are adequately lit and the dance floor is perfect.

For more information about how we can facilitate your lighting and sound requirements call us at at 603-424-9198

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