Event Lighting Ideas


Uplights are perfect for nearly any event. When you design a lighting scheme, you want to start with uplights. The lights are placed on the floor of your venue and can be used to accent a particular feature or color wash the walls or drapery. Different colors can be achieved with gel overlays and an extraordinary degree of customization can be achieved with a little creativity and imagination.


GOBOs some say it stands for “Go Between”. It is a glass or metallic stencil or slotted plate can fit over a light and cast a shadow or control the shape of the light. Some people can customize them with initials or special messages. There are a huge number of images that can be projected for unusual effects. Talk to an associate for our catalogue of GOBOs.


A Pinspot is much like what one would expect. They are tightly focused lights to highlight specific individuals, such as a bride and groom, musicians, cake, centerpieces, works of art, or any other notable feature in the room. By combining all three lighting styles, you can create truly unique lighting scheme.

Fairy Berries

Fairy Berries are a relatively new phenomenon to hit the market. These are lights that have been placed in dark jars. Often times the lights have been fit with automatic dimmers that slowly dim and brighten creating a truly remarkable firefly effect. These Fairy Berries come in a variety of shapes and colors.


Blisslights create thousands of tiny pinpoint lights that look like stars. The effect is especially pronounced on low ceilings. The goal is to create a starry sky indoors. It can create the illusion of wide-open spaces. It is a beautiful effect. \

Sparkle Trees

Sparkles Trees are another lighting effect that is very much as it sounds. These real or artificial trees have been wrapped in soft LED lights to create a sparkling attractive feature. This can easily add depth to a room, or make a room more visually appealing.

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