Light Your Victory Party

It’s presidential primary season here in New Hampshire again, and with at least seventeen active campaigns for the highest office in the land there are going to be a lot of hopeful candidates counting votes on primary night. No matter where your candidate places, an experienced New Hampshire event planner can produce the entire event, including the great sound and lighting that will keep them looking like a winner in front of the national media.

While we can’t provide the votes, at APS we can do everything else necessary to ensure your primary night event is the best in the nation. Our professional event planners, theatrical lighting experts and professional sound engineers will work with your campaign staff, listen to your needs, and make your vision come to life-freeing your staff to do the important work on behalf of your candidate.

Imagine placing in the top tier, but she or he can’t be heard giving their victory speech on TV because the sound system is inadequate to cover the crowd noise. You’ll have lost a key opportunity to address a national audience in a moment of triumph. Smaller details have set a campaign too far back to recover.

On the other side, imagine your candidate doesn’t do as well as you hope, but will soldier on with their campaign. A poorly lit event will make them look weak and defeated instead of determined and bright. The comedians will start calling your candidate “dim,” and it will follow on through South Carolina and all the way to the convention.

The long and short of it is that you only get one shot, and we’re the company who can make sure you have every chance to make the best of it. At APS, we don’t play politics-but we’ll make sure that those who do shine bright when it matters most.


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