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We carry all types of lamps for entertainment and stage lighting fixtures. If you don't see what you need, please feel free to contact us.
hpl.jpg HPL 575W, 115V Lamp Osram
HPL 575W, 115V, Brand - Osram, for Source 4's.
SYFLK.jpg FLK 575W, 120V Lamp, Eiko
FLK 575W, 120V Lamp, Brand - Eiko
btl.jpg BTL 500W, 120V Lamp Eiko
BTL 500W, 120V Lamp, Brand-Eiko, For Fresnel Lights
BTN.jpg BTN 750W, 120V Lamp, Eiko
BTN 750W, 120V Lamp, Brand - Eiko, For Fresnel Lights
hpl750.jpg HPL 750W, 115 Lamp, Broadway
HPL 750W, 115V Lamp, Brand - Broadway
EHG.jpg EHG 750W, 120V Lamp
EHG 750W, 120V Lamp
GLC.jpg GLC 575W, 115V, 300 hr. Lamp, Broadway
GLC 575W, 115V, 300 hr., Brand - Broadway
GLA.jpg GLA 575W, 115V, 1500 hr. Lamp
GLA 575W, 115V, 1500 hr. Lamp
fel.jpg FEL 1000W, 120V Lamp
FEL 1000W, 120V Lamp
BTR.jpg BTR 1000W, 120V Lamp, Broadway
BTR 1000W, 120V Lamp, Brand - Broadway
120BR40.jpg 120BR40 Par 38 120W FL Lamp
120BR40 Par 38 120W FL Lamp
par56.jpg PAR 56/MFL Par 56 300W Medium Lamp
PAR56/MFL Par 56 300W Medium Lamp
par56wfl.jpg PAR56 WFL PAR 56, 300W Wide Lamp
PAR56 WFL, Par 56, 200 Wide Lamp
par64mfl.jpg PAR 64, 500 Watt, MFL Lamp
PAR 64, 500 Watt, MFL Lamp
par64wfl.jpg PAR 64 500W, WFL, Lamp
Par 64 500W, WFL Lamp
bvt.jpg BVT 1000@, 120V Lamp
BVT 1000@, 120V Lamp
DTA 1500W, 120V Lamp
DYS.jpg DYS 600W, 120V Lamp
DYS 600W, 120V Lamp
ege.jpg EGE 500W, 120V Lamp
EGE 500W, 120V, 3000K, 2000 Hr. Lamp
EGJ.jpg EGJ 1000W, 120V Lamp
EGJ 1000W, 120V Lamp
EGK.jpg EGK 1000W, 120V Lamp
EGJ 1000W, 120V Lamp
EGT.jpg EGT Lamp
EGT Spare Lamp for Altman 1000L
EHC.jpg EHC 500W, 120V Lamp
EHC 500W, 120V, 300 hr. Lamp
FLE, 360W, 82V
FLE, 360W, 82V, MR-16 Lamp
LEDBULB.jpg LED Color Changing Bulb 203LEDCC/7
* Regular medium base bulb LED color changes * LED 7 color changes * Voltage Input: 120VAC * Power consumption: 3.48Watt