Slow Movement

What was your previous event like? Was it a crowd of fast pasted, moving activities? Did guests move from one thing to the next? There is a tendency to make a gathering run like a well-oiled train schedule. Stop at station A, efficiently load and unload at Station B. Move on to Station C. While having an action packed event might just be the best idea for everyone, there is a growing movement called, appropriately enough, the slow philosophy or the slow movement. There are plenty of tools and effects at our disposal to make this happen for your party or gathering.

People are so very often time poor. We have crowded ourselves with to do lists, meetings, events, seminars, chores, and... the list is endless. Having too little to do, however, is boring and a waste of time. If instead we slow things down, it allows the time to wander and refocus on all the things that are meaningful and important without getting lost in that we should be doing instead of allowing ourselves a few guilty minutes to relax with friends or network with potential clients, partners, and colleagues. It is all too easy to focus on the fast moving activities and forget to truly delve into the spirit of the occasion. Instead of a frenetic mood, we can foster a stillness and community that might better represent the end goals of an event. Setting the mood is a specialty at APS. We have the lights, the sound, and the expertise to make ensure that people slow down and enjoy your gathering.

The slow movement is not necessarily anti-speed, but it is about doing things at the right speed. It is about valuing quality over quantity. When people are in a deeply relaxed state, the brain slips into a deeper more nuanced state that fosters creativity and complexity. So in your next meeting consider slow food, slow speakers, slow events, slow dancing. Give your guests the time to relax and get to know each other in a less structured environment that fosters relationships and true meaningful connections. We can help create a contemplative mood with the right lights, and sounds. We are masters of special effects that can help to slow down the party without dragging it to a standstill.

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