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Event Planning in Summer

Summer is a great time to have a wonderful event. The weather is generally great, the mood is high, and families generally have a little more time during the summer months. Still, there are some things to consider when event planning. Events during the middle of the day can be exhausting for guests, and particularly […]

Event Planning on Social Networks

Never underestimate the value of social media when event planning. Traditionally most events are planned and executed behind the scenes. Many, if not most people, can appreciate the difficulty and complexity of an event often through a sense of shared experience. There is also a “surprise factor” in play. It is important for some people […]

Spring Event Planning

The forsythia bushes have been glowing neon yellow for weeks now. Tulips have finally pushed their way out of the earth to shine forth. That curious yellow ball in the sky has warmed the earth well into the 60s and, on occasion, into the 70s. This can mean one and only one thing. Spring is […]

Make Your Wedding Memorable With APS Lighting

Everyone who has been part of a wedding or been married knows just how important the big day is. Every detail should be satisfied, even if it seems a bit mundane. APS Lighting understands that creating a unique atmosphere for your special day is essential, and we have just the right amount of equipment at […]

Slow Movement

What was your previous event like? Was it a crowd of fast pasted, moving activities? Did guests move from one thing to the next? There is a tendency to make a gathering run like a well-oiled train schedule. Stop at station A, efficiently load and unload at Station B. Move on to Station C. While […]

Event Basics

The first rule of any event is don’t underestimate the amount of preparation necessary to pull of your event. Never planned a wedding? talk to a wedding planner. Not sure how to craft the perfect moment with sound and lighting? talk to the experts. We can get you started on developing an detailed plan on […]

Event Lighting Ideas

Uplights Uplights are perfect for nearly any event. When you design a lighting scheme, you want to start with uplights. The lights are placed on the floor of your venue and can be used to accent a particular feature or color wash the walls or drapery. Different colors can be achieved with gel overlays and […]

Light Your Victory Party

It’s presidential primary season here in New Hampshire again, and with at least seventeen active campaigns for the highest office in the land there are going to be a lot of hopeful candidates counting votes on primary night. No matter where your candidate places, an experienced New Hampshire event planner can produce the entire event, including the […]

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