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Lighting events in an Elegant Christmas

We’ve all been to the tacky Dickensian Christmas parties with the gaudy lights, burnt out fuses and plastic abominations littering the place. We imagine Christmas to be a time of spender and imagination but all too often it dissolves into a nightmarish of garish seizure-inducing lighting. It does not have to be this way. Not […]

Why Choose APS Lighting?

It is no easy job constructing a visually stimulating space, especially when it comes to live production. Finding a quality entertainment supply company to provide you supplies is important, otherwise, you may have a lackluster display. APS Lighting is committed to providing all things necessary for event production in NH, and we believe you should […]

Professional Event Production Can Make Your NH Holiday Pageant Shine!

We know it feels way, way too soon, but the Holiday season is practically upon us. Next month is Thanksgiving, lighting the way to the end-of-year holidays just weeks later. In fact, it’s this time of year when many churches and congregations in New Hampshire begin planning their end-of-year Holiday pageants, and we’re willing to […]

Creating a Horrifying Haunted House with Easy Special Effects this Halloween

While most houses are stretching out spider web and taping up wall decorations for Halloween, everyone applauds the families that strive to provide the neighborhood with the spookiest house on the block. From ten minute computerized light shows to fog machines and black lighting effects, Halloween offers one of the most enjoyable holidays for¬†event production¬†planning. […]

Lighting Vocabulary

Lighting has the power to transform a venue, create a mode, highlight the beautiful, and bring focus to the important. Flip through a magazine or a blog that caters to platinum wedding crowds and you are sure to see awe-inspiring lighting. At one point, this kind of event planning might have been unobtainable for most […]

Fog machines FAQ

How does a fog machine work? This is perhaps the most asked question about fog machines. A fog machine has a fluid tank, a fluid pump, and a heat exchanger. Once the heat exchanger heats up to about 400 degrees F, the fluid pump pulls fluid from the tank and squirts it onto the heat […]

Event Planning in Summer

Summer is a great time to have a wonderful event. The weather is generally great, the mood is high, and families generally have a little more time during the summer months. Still, there are some things to consider when event planning. Events during the middle of the day can be exhausting for guests, and particularly […]

Event Planning on Social Networks

Never underestimate the value of social media when event planning. Traditionally most events are planned and executed behind the scenes. Many, if not most people, can appreciate the difficulty and complexity of an event often through a sense of shared experience. There is also a “surprise factor” in play. It is important for some people […]

Spring Event Planning

The forsythia bushes have been glowing neon yellow for weeks now. Tulips have finally pushed their way out of the earth to shine forth. That curious yellow ball in the sky has warmed the earth well into the 60s and, on occasion, into the 70s. This can mean one and only one thing. Spring is […]

Make Your Wedding Memorable With APS Lighting

Everyone who has been part of a wedding or been married knows just how important the big day is. Every detail should be satisfied, even if it seems a bit mundane. APS Lighting understands that creating a unique atmosphere for your special day is essential, and we have just the right amount of equipment at […]

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